Can a Psychic Be a Devout Christian?

People claiming to have psychic abilities have been recognized in just about every culture, religion, race, gender, and age. When it comes to having the “gift,” what a person’s religious orientation is doesn’t seem to have any influence. A person who is psychic could be Christian, just as much as he could be Jewish, Muslim, or Atheist. People who have psychic abilities rarely claim to have chosen them.

Instead, most people who have some degree of paranormal intuitions either felt that they were born with the abilities, or that some traumatic event unexpectedly triggered the manifestation of the psychic gift. People have tried, through research and experimentation, to develop psychic abilities on their own. However, there are very few confirmed cases of people being able to teach themselves how to perform supernatural feats of any kind.

Why Many Believe That Psychics Can’t Also Be Christian

Most Christians believe that only God, or one of his helpers, can have powers normally attributed to psychics such as foreseeing future events, telepathy, reading another person’s thoughts, psychokinesis, and teleportation, to name a few. They believe that any human claiming to have any of these, or other, psychic powers are either lying or are in union with Satan or some other evil force. For them, there is no doubt to the question of whether or not there are Christian psychics. There answer is a loud and resounding, “No!” But when pressed to better explain the basis behind their belief, very few can give specific or solid reasons.

They simply state that “the Bible says that only God can have psychic abilities,” although they can never point out exactly which passage makes the reference. Although they are firm and steadfast in their beliefs, their inability to support those beliefs with written Christian literary facts makes them seem to be just expressing what they think Christians should say, as opposed to something that they have questioned in the past and found answers to confirm those questions.

Is It So Hard to Believe That a Christian Could Have Psychic Abilities?

Another question that should be asked first is, “what makes a person a Christian?” Is it simply someone that believes in God and Jesus Christ? Or is it rather someone that believes that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, that he died for our sins, that he rose from the dead, and took our sins with him? Or is a Christian someone that has been “saved” and has given himself over to Christ? How a person answers these questions will dictate whether or not that person believes a Christian could also be psychic.

Truth be told, a person fulfilling the characteristics of any of these questions could still claim to have some amount of psychic ability. Even men and women “of the cloth” like preachers, ministers, bishops, and Popes, have taken actions that many would term “supernatural,” even if they or anyone else have not called it “psychic” phenomenon.

Was Jesus a Psychic?

Jesus of Nazareth was an incredibly special human being, regardless of anyone’s belief that he was the direct Son of God. Jesus walked on water, transformed one material item into a completely different one, could read a person’s thoughts and know that person’s life history, instantly cure a person’s sickness with a touch, and even bring a person back to life. Are these not psychic and supernatural abilities? And if we are made in the image of God, why wouldn’t this also include some abilities that are God-like? The fact of the matter is that no one, no human being at least, can convincingly answer any of these questions. Some would say that it was blasphemous to even make the suggestion.

The Greatest Psychic Ever Known Was a Christian

Many people believe that the greatest person deemed to be psychic was Edgar Cayce. A devout Christian his entire life, Edgar Cayce lived from 1877 to 1945. Although a humble man not wanting to get more attention to his “gift” that he truly believed was given to him by God to help his fellow man, he knew that he had to reach beyond his life in order to change the lives of those around him. On a daily basis for decades, he would lay on his couch, get himself into a trance-like state, and then proceed to answer all types of questions that were asked to him. Although Cayce acknowledged his psychic ability, he was constantly in conflict about being chosen to have his “gift.” He also constantly verbalized the viewpoint that all men and women should follow Christhood, and was a Sunday School teacher himself for many years.

Do We All Have Psychic Abilities Hidden Inside of Us?

The human mind, especially over the last 100 years, has accomplished so many incredibly remarkable feats. Splitting the atom. The immense power of the internet and computer technology. The ability to cure hundreds of diseases. With that being said, many scientists believe that humans, as a whole, have only tapped into a fraction of the potential held by the brain.

Some say that only 10% of the brain’s capacity gets used. Others aren’t that positive, instead believe the number to be closer to 1% or 1/10th of one percent. Can psychic abilities be hidden somewhere in the brain, waiting to be discovered? Have those individuals, with some Christians included, that do claim to have psychic abilities, somehow learned how to utilize those buried supernatural abilities? The reality is that researchers still don’t know the total capacity and possibilities that are contained in the human brain, with the limited knowledge that humans have at this point in time.

Modern Christian Psychics

So, can there be Christian psychics in modern times? Of course, there can. Christian psychics today have similar views about it as Edgar Cayce did: that psychic abilities were a gift from God that needed to be used to help the lives of those around them. Christian psychics do not believe that they are God-like or that they are somewhat superior to everyone else. They see their “gift” in the same sense as someone does about his skills at art, or medicine, or athletic prowess.

Most are very humble by being chosen to use these gifts, and most are even reluctant to or afraid to come forth with the true extent of their abilities. They know how people in general will view them, especially other Christians like them. Christian psychics oftentimes would choose not to have the gift if they could, preferring to instead live out a “normal” life like everyone else.

Can Christian Psychics Be Trusted?

The true answer to that question is that a person’s religion should not automatically determine whether or not he should be trusted. Every human being is unique, and simply because a person is Christian should automatically mean that he should or shouldn’t be trusted. Is it possible for a Christian psychic to be deceptive? Yes, however, it is just as likely for a Christian banker, Christian teacher, Christian doctor, or any other Christian to be deceptive. People, as a whole, are basically honest and compassionate people that only want to see the good in others and other’s situations. This holds true for Christian psychics.

Should A Person Go See A Christian Psychic?

For the most part, a person who wants to see a psychic should see one that he has the most belief in, regardless of the religious preference of the psychic. That being the case, many Christians may actually feel more comfortable going to see a Christian psychic because there will already be that common ground between them. If a person is a Christian, he or she will have the same love of Christ as another Christian of a different calling or occupation. Christian psychics don’t claim to be Christ. In fact, most psychics tend to be overwhelmingly humble, including the most well-known Christian psychic Edgar Cayce.

A person interested in seeing a Christian psychic should not let the fact that the psychic is Christian be a deciding factor on whether or not to seek out their guidance. Christians may discover that the fact that the psychic is Christian only helped to make the entire experience more comforting and moving. Psychics come from all walks of life, including those that follow Christ.

People who are considering using a psychic should spend more time evaluating the benefits that others have stated they have gotten from the psychic’s input. How others, that have actually worked with the psychic, expressed what benefits they got from the experience, hold more weight than whether or not the psychic was Christian.